The Sarvam Trust facilitates and supports the charitable work of Sri Aurobindo Society, India, working towards an integral transformation of human conditions, by effecting sustainable social and economic changes. This is accomplished by bringing about a change in the mindset and consciousness of the individual and the community as a whole, and encouraging it to manifest in a diverse way and in all fields of life.

Current Issues

Despite various government schemes, most Indian villages struggle with and suffer due to deplorable economic and infrastructural conditions. Education, health care and community development are still considered an extravagance.

  • 70% of India lives in villages
  • Access to basic facilities are absent or negligible
  • Conflicting foreign influences to natural line of growth


Our Work

With our Integral Village Development programme, we are involved in most of the essential aspects of rural development . Our primary aim is to create an integrated model for rural advancement which can then be replicated in other areas.

  • Education – Help children develop their potential
  • Livelihood – Introduce right attitude towards work
  • Women and youth – Develop self-belief and confidence



Our Integral Village Development programme is a process of human and community development, which unfolds from within each person and the community. Its impact is in the material, social as well as the psychological dimensions

  • Scholarships given to 290 persons
  • 4500 people treated by doctors
  • 70 Houses built and 350 renovated
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