All of us would like our lives to be beautiful and meaningful. We all have our dreams, aspirations and many unanswered questions about the purpose of life, how to give our best to the world, and how to create a new, brighter and better future. An aim gives a meaning, a purpose to life; this purpose implies an effort; and it is in effort that one finds joy. Each one of us can make a difference! There are no set ways to raise funds for The Sarvam Trust. Each effort—large and small—counts. Use a method that suits you the best.

Think about who you are connected to—friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, anybody willing to help—and share your ideas about how you would like to contribute towards the sustenance of one disadvantaged or deprived individual, family or community. We know of a few volunteers who have fundraised successfully in collaboration with their math instructor, neighbourhood department store, the staff at their office, and even their kids’ school, to name just a few. But before you ask others to donate, set an example—Make your own donation!


We are always on the lookout for people who can fundraise on behalf of The Sarvam Trust by, for example, organizing fundraising events or carrying out sponsored activities.

If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you. Let us know about the events you organized so we can feature it on our page.

Our contact details are as follows:

The Sarvam Trust,
2nd Floor
86, Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8QQ
Telephone No: +447931 717 288

E: [email protected]