The Integral Village Development Programme was started in 2005 to carry out its research-oriented outreach programs concerning rural development. It started its action adopting two villages in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, India namely Poothurai and Perambai along with their constituent hamlets.

Villupuram District is situated in the Northeastern part of Tamil Nadu having a total area of 7222 Sq. Km and a population of 3.16 lakh people. It is one of the most backward and poorest districts of Tamil Nadu.

The program launched the initiative with a small-dedicated team, a deep conviction in its vision and the initial set of broad objectives:

  • Kindle an ardent aspiration in the community for development on the right lines
  • Help the members to help themselves and be self-reliant
  • Build capacities in the community for the maximum utilization of assistance from the government and other development organisations
  • Create awareness and provide the right knowledge necessary for initiating appropriate action in response to persisting problems and unfolding issues
  • Eliminate the constraints inhibiting the development process
  • Create an understanding of the importance and utility of mutual cooperation and goodwill in the development process
  • Create a sense of community bonding
  • Adopt innovative solutions to contemporary problems