The Sarvam Trust work towards bringing a sustainable, transformational change in the lives of the underprivileged. Our Integral Village Development Programme is a process of community development at the rural level, with impact in material, social, and the spiritual dimensions.

We at The Sarvam Trust believe that our volunteer programme has played a major role in engaging people in tackling development challenges, and that our volunteers have transformed the pace and nature of development. You are also welcome to join us in this effort to create a better, happier future!

You can volunteer your services, skills or time for any of the projects in our focus areas, according to your interest and choice. If you feel you have something to share, contribute or learn, lend your helping hand to our programmes, activities, events and projects.

It can be done from wherever you live, according to your time and convenience. You can also come to India for short- and long-term durations, and be part of the projects as a volunteer, faculty, intern, etc., within our existing facilities or a programme designed to suit your qualities, talents and experience.

Volunteerism works as a binding force between US—The Sarvam Trust—and YOU—the volunteer—by strengthening mutual collaboration, free will, engagement and exchange of knowledge and talents, and purposefully creating opportunities for human growth.

To become a volunteer, please fill the form below.