Mission and Vision

The Sarvam Trust exists to complement and support the developmental work of the Sri Aurobindo Society, registered in India under the West Bengal Societies Act, XXI of 1860, and recognized by the Government of India a charitable organization, a research institute and an institution of importance throughout India under the Income Tax Act 1961. Through the Sarvam Trust, service to society and the world is an opportunity for progress in its own inner journey leading to its spiritual destiny. The development that the Trust is working for is therefore evolutionary and integral, pervading all aspects of human life in this part of rural India– physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.

The Need

At one end, the world is currently surpassing frontiers in materialistic progress, creating opulence for a privileged section of the society. At the other end, with sheer indifference and apathy, it lets a much larger section of the same human population exist in sub-human conditions with continued agony, distress and darkness. Struggling daily for life’s basic necessities, the underprivileged have accepted and surrendered to their plight. They do not look beyond the realms of paucity that they are confined to.For a true all-pervasive progress of the world, the hitherto neglected section of the society needs to be ushered out of the darkness and included in the evolutionary progress. This is the need of the hour.

The Approach

A superficial assistance by building houses, giving food or donating clothes and books is more of an imposition of ‘good’ things which the so-called beneficiaries do not know how to utilize or feel the need for. It fails to bring any sustainable change in their conditions or in their mindset.

We believe that the first step to development is to awaken the aspiration for the positive change in the people. It is required to make them aware of the true definition of an integral development and how it renders purpose, beauty and harmony to life. When the aspiration is ignited, the people themselves would lead the development process. What would be required then is just to show the way and be a catalyst in the process.

The Trust aims to strengthen the bonding with feelings of harmony, helpfulness and oneness in the community. It is through collaborative efforts that progress can be made sustainable. We want to extend the collaboration to the other units – NGO’s, government and international agencies – so that their efforts, instead of working at cross-purposes, complement each other and enhance efficiency and quality of this work.

Often, due to lack of resources, works related to the development for the underprivileged are done with marginal quality. We insist on cost effective solutions to ensure high quality in the developmental process.In the community, we have special focus on the development and empowerment of women, youth and children as they are the un-tapped and most powerful agents of a holistic change.

Therefore, our aim is to bring a transformational change in the lives of the underprivileged so that they are inspired, equipped and prepared not only to lead changes in their own community but also in the world.