Breaking Barriers to Voice out Success Stories

Date: 27-Jun-2023

Location: Madurai









In their first appearance out of their village, two young rural women gave a speech about their success stories on a stage to motivate the other women at the request of the group head- Secretarial, CSR and L&T top officials.

With an NGO, LTFS launched their second batch of digital literacy projects in Madurai on June 27, 2023. Between 2018 and 2021, SARVAM successfully implemented the DFL project with 100 digital sakhis. LTFS invited two digital sakhis from SARVAM to deliver a speech to motivate the newly selected 100 Digital Sakhis in Madurai.

For the first time, Sengeniammal and Saranya travelled to Madurai from their rural village. They gave a speech on DFL and their success stories. After many struggles, both women from lower community backgrounds succeeded. They became highly proficient in digital financial literacy due to the digital sakhi project.

In addition, they requested that they be able to share their experiences, motivate the newly selected digital sakhis, and spread awareness of the importance of DFL and inspire others.

Several tips and advice were also shared, including how to become a successful woman amid difficulties and begin implementing DFL in their villages. The audience was greatly inspired by their stories. The digital sakhi duo received a standing ovation from the audience. Many thanked them for inspiring them to take action. After the event, the digital sakhis were overwhelmed with the positive response they received and thanked the audience for their support.

There was a great deal of appreciation from the group head- Secretarial, CSR and L&T top officials for the two women who had given an excellent talk. Their efforts were praised by not only the top officials but also the other officials also.

Travel and the right to speak on the stage are challenging things for rural women still in the villages. These women are often limited by the customs of their society and need more resources to travel and the confidence to speak in front of an audience. As a result, they cannot take advantage of opportunities that may be available to them.

As a result of their travels and talks, they are now proud of themselves and give confidence to other rural women as well. They can now make decisions without hesitation and actively participate in local decision-making processes. They have become inspiring role models for other women, showing them that success is possible despite the odds.


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