A 3-day workshop on the topic ‘Computers and Internet- An Introduction’

Date: 28-Jan-2021

Location: Satyam Campus, Poothurai

SARVAM, Sri Aurobindo Society in association with Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC) organized a 3-day workshop for around 55 women of the Poothurai and the surrounding villages on ‘Computers and Internet- An Introduction’ from 28th January to 30th January 2021 at Satyam Centre in Poothurai Village. This workshop was sponsored by AICTE under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan scheme.

It is now the digital age and young people do not have the time to teach elders who are at home about computers and their usage.  With the support of PEC, SARVAM took up this initiative to train these rural women on the usage and handling of Computers and the Internet.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. S. Kothandaraman, Principal, Pondicherry Engineering College. The main objective of this workshop was to provide awareness on computers & internet and how to use it safely.  The training was also provided on safely using the internet.

Well experienced and qualified trainers were arranged by Pondicherry Engineering College, one of the premier institutions in the Pondicherry region, trained these rural women.

Internet is ruling the world at present and many rural people do not have knowledge on the backsides of the internet and the safety precautions they need to take before using it. This workshop provided practical training for the Digital Sakhis and it was an eye-opener for all the participants to know various aspects related to internet safety and security.

Most of the participants had zero knowledge about computers and hence the trainers went down to the level of the participants and trained them in a detailed manner so that all the women were able to understand the concepts. The overall training was done in a practical manner which helped all the participants to learn the concepts easily.

Both the positive and negative aspects of the Internet were explained in detail by the trainers which was much useful for all the participants. Small things that need to be enabled and disabled while using internet services were explained in the workshop and all the DS were asked to practice the same with the help of trainers during the workshop itself. This helped all of them to gain confidence and all were able to clarify their doubts and learn without any problems.

Before attending this workshop, all the DS had fear and hesitation in using the computer and Internet but after attending the workshop, it was evident that all of them had gained confidence and were happy to share the knowledge with others in the village and also to their children.

The workshop was conducted by following all the COVID-19 safety protocols which were laid down by the Government. Participants maintained social distancing and also were wearing face masks throughout the workshop.

Lunch and snacks were provided to all the participants for 3 days and it helped all the participants to attend the workshop enthusiastically.

The workshop ended by providing certificates to all the participants. The closing ceremony was done by the Registrar & HOD-CSE of Pondicherry Engineering College and also by the Staff members of the Computer Science Department, Pondicherry Engineering College. The 3-day workshop was a great boon to all the DS and they learned skills that would help them personally and professionally.


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