Building a Positive Reputation in Community Work

Start Date: 23-Nov-2022

End Date: 24-Nov-2022

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai & Society House

As our employees’ performance improves, the project’s performance as a whole will also improve. To address these concerns, SARVAM conducted a two-day ToT training for 25 Auro Sakhis and Coordinators on building a positive reputation in community work.

The training program aimed to help the coordinators and Auro Sakhis learn better about community work and its various processes. They also learned to deliver their best service to the community people.

In addition, the training program trained the team on the different tools they may have to handle as they work for the community.

It mainly emphasized showing concern and doing the right thing, regardless of difficulty, demonstrating strong character and integrity as an individual and a team.

Furthermore, the team understood how a person’s reputation could be improved by being ethical and not compromising on moral standards.

They understood that reputation determines a person’s social standing in society and is a significant indicator.

The session described two broad categories: a reputation based on outcomes and capability and a reputation based on behaviour and character.

Their understanding of the training was assessed by stories, group discussions, role plays, outdoor activities, and sharing their thoughts.

Through this training, participants developed a greater sense of responsibility for their work and a more grounded view of maintaining positive relationships with the community’s people.


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