Class Observation & Training for Access Teachers

Date: 31-Dec-2021

Location: Online and Satyam Community centre, Poothurai

Class observation and Training for the Access Teachers took place in Satyam Training Centre, Poothurai village on 31st December 2021. Dr. Padma Ravindran, Master Trainer observed the classes handled by all 4 access teachers virtually from Chennai.

All the students assembled in Satyam campus and access teachers took charge of engaging them till the class observation started.

Dr. Padma Ravindran started observing the classes from 9.30 a.m. onwards. Each class was observed for 30 minutes with 5 minutes gap in between each class. Mr. Barnabas handled the first session followed by Ms. Adhavapriya, Ms. Gomathy, and Mr. Earnest Paul.

As a mark of celebration, all the students were gifted with New Year gifts by SARVAM. Notebooks, stationery, and cakes were given to all the students. Snacks and lunch were also provided to them.

In the afternoon session, virtual training and feedback on the class observation took place from 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m. In this session, Dr. Padma Ravindran provided feedback to all 4 teachers individually and helped them to enhance their teaching skills. She also gave them ideas to improve their teaching techniques.

In the next session, training on Critical Thinking was provided to all the teachers by the master trainer. She explained in detail the significance of instilling critical thinking amongst students. She also explained how to do this in access classes. With the help of videos and PowerPoint presentations, she trained teachers in an effective manner.

A question and answer session was conducted at the end of the session in which the doubts were clarified by Dr. Padma Ravindran. The session ended with a formal vote of thanks and new year wishes.


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