COVID-19 Awareness Programme at Sharanam Training Centre

Date: 09-Jun-2020

Location: Sharanam Training Centre

An awareness programme on COVID-19, to 63 young women was held on July 9, 2020, at the Sharanam Training Centre in Poothurai.  This is the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme and these young aspirants after this training were assigned the task of creating awareness to their villagers.

To lay in line with the rules of the government, each batch had 21 participants and between each batch, they were a gap of one and a half hours.  During this gap, the whole area was disinfected and was made ready for the next batch to commence.  Two separate halls were used for the programme and proper precautionary measures with adequate social distancing were followed throughout the entire programme.

The batches were a mix of newcomers and old-timers, who had completed their graduation and even a Master’s degree.  They were all enthusiastic and they learned all the aspects that were taught in the programme with a lot of interest and eagerness.

Information on the use of sanitizers, washing, and maintaining of masks, the types of masks that can be used, and also proper social distancing were explained to the participants.  All the participants were provided with a kit that had sanitizers, soaps, and masks.  They were also given a hard copy of COVID-19 SOP, which can be used to educate people in their villages.

SARVAM feels very happy in imparting this information at the right time to the right people.  These young ladies have taken up the responsibility of spreading this awareness to the rest of the villagers and try to make their village Corona-free zone.


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