Digital Financial Literacy Training Programme

Start Date:07-Nov-2019

End Date:10-Nov-2019

Location:Satyam community centre and Sharanam, Villupuram

Sarvam in association with LTFS has implemented a project entitled DIGITAL FINANCIAL LITERACY in various villages of Villupuram. The main objective of this project is to create awareness on Cashless Transactions amongst the village community. To execute this project successfully, 50 Digital Sakhi’s were selected from various villages and they were trained by National Payments Corporation of India, which is an initiative of RBI and IBA.  The training was given on various modules and all have started working in villages around 6 months back.

To enhance their knowledge and as a reiteration of the training they had earlier, LT FS organised a one-day training by NPCI for four batches for Digital Sakhi, Digital Champions, coordinators and women entrepreneurs regarding usage of BHIM Application, (Aadhar Enabled Payment Services) AEPS and various other NPCI created functions for the Reserve Bank of India. A total of 140 members were trained in 4 batches.

This training was provided by an expert trainer from National Payments Corporation of India who has trained many people all over the country. The sessions were divided in two parts.  In the first session, the trainer focussed on how to download the BHIM application from the Google Play store. Each Digital Sakhi was given a Digital Tablet and with the help of it, they were asked to download the Application and install in their devices.  Step by step process was explained by the trainer and the Digital Sakhis were asked to follow the same. Sample videos were played for the Digital Sakhis which were much useful for them to understand the steps clearly.

The sessions concentrated on how to register in the Application. After that each participant was trained in the three main functions of the BHIM Application. Sending and Receiving money was first explained in detail. Then the participants were asked to perform a demo session in the class itself. Then the training focussed on how to request money from others. In the third step, each Sakhi was trained on how to use the QR code. This helped the Digital Sakhis to gain more exposure and they showed keen interest and learnt the process with utmost diligence and care.

This session helped all the participants to enhance their knowledge about digital transactions. They asked many doubts related to the using of BHIM application and various other services from the trainer. A feedback was collected from the participants through online method and that was a new experience for the Digital Sakhis. The training programme like all the other initiatives of SARVAM was a grand success.


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