Distribution of Scholarship and livelihood support

Start Date: 07-Oct-2022

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

At an event organised by SARVAM on 7 October 2022, scholarships were distributed to deserving students at the Satyam Community Centre.  Eight students received letters of eligibility worth Rs. 41,000, which were deposited into their bank accounts.  Additionally, a poor SHG woman got a Xerox machine worth Rs. 45,000 through the livelihood project.

For the students, the programme identifies marginalised and needy students.  It provides them with academic, social and material support to overcome adverse economic and family circumstances and continue their education.  The programme provides financial support through scholarships to poor and deserving students.  Also, it helps in conducting special classes and training.

Sri Aurobindo Rural and Village Action & Movement (SARVAM) awarded scholarships worth Rs 41,000 to eight eligible students as part of the scholarship programme.  As part of the women empowerment program, SARVAM supported a SHG member.  A Xerox machine was given to her, through which she could enhance her livelihood.

These scholarships were given in three categories: (a) for High School students, (b) for Secondary School students; and (c) for Higher education (graduates).  A total of eight students received the benefit from this programme this year.  In the same program, an SHG woman with a low income was given a Xerox machine as part of a livelihood project worth Rs. 45,000.

A small program was conducted at the Satyam centre to encourage students, women and their family members.  The village SHG leaders, parents, and tuition teachers attended this cultural programme and felicitated the scholarship award winners.


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