Eye Surgery Camp

Date: 27-May-2022

Location: Aravind Eye Hospital

Elderly, widowed, abandoned, terminally ill, and other marginalized women suffer the most from social exclusion and domestic violence. Senior citizens, shunned by their families and abandoned, face the possibility of a lonely existence and even death by suicide.

Some needs of these vulnerable people are taken care of by the SARVAM division of Sri Aurobindo Society. One such care is identifying people having eye problems with the help of Aravind Eye Hospital. The people identified by the hospital are taken to the Aravind Eye Hospital to treat their eye problems apart from counselling, training, financial assistance, and medical assistance.

As part of SARVAM’s eye check-up and treatment program, 60 vulnerable older people from Poothurai and Perambai Panchayats were taken to the Aravind Eye Hospital in two batches. The patients who had eye infections were treated with eye drops free of cost. The doctors of the Aravind Eye Hospital selected 30 patients from among the 60 vulnerable people and performed cataract surgery on them.

The people needed surgery a long time ago, but they postponed their procedures because of their financial situation. This visit to the Aravind Eye Hospital helped these 30 vulnerable people get their surgeries free of cost. Patients are doing well following the cataract operations.

SARVAM coordinators took care of each patient for two and a half days entirely, both during the day and at night, while SARVAM provided all the food and snacks to the patients.

The villagers greatly appreciated this program as SARVAM brought the vulnerable women to the eye hospital and helped them deal with their longstanding eye problems. The smiles on every face were a testament to their happiness. People requested that SARVAM continue to do such activities that will benefit many.


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