Sarvam Celebrates Its 9th Birthday

On 2nd February 2013, Sarvam observed its 9th Foundation Day in a simple yet profound function. Every year this day is commemorated by meditating, contemplating the past year(s) and the learning gathered from all the positives and negatives, renewing the aspiration to continue to work for the Divine.

This year it was decided to keep the event even more low key than before, as Sarvam had inadvertently faced some opposition in the last 1.5 years on account of the local elections held in 2011, where a couple of volunteers had participated and won a few seats. Sarvam has no party affiliations, nor does it support any personal or political agendas of any of its members and volunteers. However, the party affiliations of the volunteers created stress and tension, and the unity within our villages had been somewhat affected.

The function was attended by the local people who wanted to be a part of the festivities, Sarvam volunteers and the schoolchildren. Satyam hall was decorated beautifully with pictures of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, flowers, lamps, candles, incense, kolam and prasad in order to invoke the blessings of the Divine on all our activities and the villages.

A number of village administrators and officers, cutting across party lines and divisions, unexpectedly paid a visit to congratulate us for our activities and also assured their support and assistance. They brought bouquets and ceremonial shawls for Sarvam volunteers and presented mementoes, framed pictures and poems commemorating the occasion. Members of the Village Women’s Councils and Youth Committees also joined the celebrations. There was an atmosphere of genuine bonhomie and regard for the work. We realized that our toil had not gone in vain. Our only hope is that this occasion would open a new chapter of cooperation and support from the government and local organizations for the work being done by Sarvam.


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