SARVAM Conducted Women Entrepreneurs Training

Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai, Villupuram

Sarvam Sri Aurobindo Society, in association with L&T Financial Solutions is engaging in a project called Digital Financial Literacy. As a part of this project, Sarvam has organized 3-day training programme for the Women Entrepreneurs in the project villages. So far around 350 Women Entrepreneurs attended this training programme in Satyam Campus, Poothurai Village. The main objective of this training programme is to help the Women Entrepreneurs to enhance their business and also to help them in earning more income.

Sarvam organized trainings on the following four different livelihood activities.

1. Tailoring
2. Cattle Rearing
3. Petty Shop
4. Agriculture

The Women Entrepreneurs were divided in four groups based on their livelihood activity and each group comprised of 40 Women Entrepreneurs. The training for each group was provided by expert trainers from a firm called ECO VENTURE. This Training firm is a famous training provider which has provided training for many people all over the state. It has experienced trainers in each livelihood activity and helps many village women to learn useful aspects.  For Cattle Rearing activity an experienced Doctor provided training. For Agriculture activity, an experienced agriculturalist provided training. For Petty Shop activity, an entrepreneur provided training. For the Tailoring activity, a resource person who handled more than 50 trainings in Indseti provided training.

Women Entrepreneurs were able to easily understand the concepts that were explained by the trainers. Since all these women are already involved in these activities, it was much interesting to them as well as it was useful for them to learn new things. Trainers trained the Women Entrepreneurs with the help of videos and with more of interactive sessions. Since Women Entrepreneurs had prior knowledge, they were able to ask questions and the trainers were able to clarify their doubts.

Another important aspect of the training was the practical training which was provided by the trainers. Each trainer helped their Women Entrepreneurs by involving in practical trainings such as preparing manure, stitching clothes and many other things related to their livelihood activity. This helped women to learn things better and also easily.

Throughout the three days, sessions were planned both in the morning and evening. Since Women Entrepreneurs were trained in an interesting manner they all participated actively and felt more confident. Morning and evening snacks along with lunch was provided for all the Women Entrepreneurs and it helped them to attend the training actively.

So far Sarvam has trained 350 Women Entrepreneurs starting from July 20th to August 20th.  At present these 160 women are being trained and this was much useful for all the Women Entrepreneurs.


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