Selection for the Senior Athletic Competition


Location:Project villages of SARVAM









Many people disregard older people, but if we inspire them, they will be willing to take on even the most difficult tasks, such as preparing to compete in senior athletic competitions.

More than 300 vulnerable rural women aged 60 and above eagerly engaged in the screening process for the senior sports competitions.  Among them, the organizers chose 125 best-performing older women for the upcoming state-level tournament.

Surprisingly, the older rural women have willingly accepted to come out of their shells and compete in the state-level sports competition.  This competition is scheduled for December 2023 and is for three days.  These women have agreed to travel out of their safer zone for the matches.

The selected women will receive training from an accomplished athlete in the coming weeks.  Many people eagerly await to watch them perform in the Thiruvannamalai competition scheduled for December 2023.


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