Stress Management and Decision Making for Adolescents

Date: 17-Nov-2021

Location: Online

Interactive session on ‘Stress management and Decision making for Adolescents’ was organized by Shanthi Ashram for the adolescent students through online platform to create awareness amongst students to lead a happy and successful life. More than 40 students from various project villages of SARVAM participated in this online programme and benefitted from it.

This interactive session aimed to highlight some signs and symptoms, along with myths and the stigma associated with mental health issues. Dr.D.Srinivasan, Senior Psychiatrist, KMCH chaired the session as Chief Guest and interacted with the students. Ms.Devika, Medical Technology Coordinator, ICPH also participated in this programme and shared her inputs.

During the pandemic, most of the students suffered a lot because of stress as they were forced to be at home without studying anything or meeting friends. Students were unable to lead their normal life and this led to lot of disorders both mentally and physically. This online session helped students to understand the consequences of living life with stress and also it gave more inputs to avoid stress. It also helped students to learn the art of living.

Videos were shown and activities were conducted during the session which helped the students to learn useful concepts and also the interactive session motivated students to ask their doubts and get it clarified from the expert speakers. All the students gained confidence after attending this programme and they were happy that they got a chance to interact with many students from other parts of the state.


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