Workshop for Women Volunteers

The Integral Village Development Programme has been regularly conducting training workshops for its coordinators. These workshops have been very successful, as evidenced by the positive work being carried out by coordinators.

In order to expand its workforce, this year the Programme selected 40 women from 7 hamlets as volunteers. They were provided training for 2 days, on February 8th and 9th, 2012, and the highlights of this training session were as follows:

This training session provided the women a platform to think and discuss together about various issues. The programme initiated the discussion by talking about the relevance of taking initiative and harmony in thought and action. They discussed their different responses to particular situations, and they were trained to express the conclusions to these discussions through small skits.

In order to enable them to be more confident and discerning, very simple topics about everyday life were given to them and they all were asked to convey their opinion on these topics through elocution of a minute each. This was all done through play-way methodology for greater impact and involvement.

A painting session was also conducted, with beautiful music in the background. This was an engaging and creative process for all of them. Another activity they were engaged in was to make them aware of the importance of body language in their being the instruments of change; this was taught to them again through simple games and mimes.

At the end of the session, all the items that they had prepared during the course of the training were gifted to them, which took them completely by surprise. The feedback from the women was very encouraging. They were excited about having made new friends from various hamlets, coming together, expressing their views and getting a chance to learn and exhibit various craft and art forms.


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