Election Awareness Marathon


Location:Eraiyur Village, Vanur Tk









With more than 750 participants, including 63 older women from SARVAM, an election awareness marathon was conducted by the Eraiyur village president.

The election awareness marathon successfully engaged many participants, including older women from SARVAM. This increased awareness about the importance of voting and participating in elections and also empowered these older women to impact their community significantly.

The marathon catalyzed informed decision-making and active participation in the electoral process. The marathon raised awareness about the importance of voting and participating in elections. It fostered a sense of empowerment among the older women in the community. This newfound confidence will likely lead to increased voter turnout and a stronger voice for

community members in decision-making processes. In the long run, this can result in more meaningful representation and accountability for elected officials, ultimately strengthening the democratic fabric of the community.

Around 18 older women won cash prizes and certificates, which gave them happiness and confidence. They were role models for their community. Winning cash prizes and certificates not only brought joy and enthusiasm to the older women, but it also had a significant impact. These awards helped them improve their living conditions, cover medical expenses, and maintain independence. Moreover, their role-modelling behaviour within their community inspired others. It fostered a sense of purpose and pride in their lives.


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