Regional Community Radio Sammelan Meet

Start Date:13-Feb-2024

End Date:14-Feb-2024

Location:Anna University, Chennai

The CRS Cell conducted a 2-day Regional Community Radio Sammelan at Anna University, Chennai, to celebrate 20 years of community radio in India. SARVAM’s Pudiya Udayam Community Radio Station’s in-charge, Ms. Poonguzhali, attended on behalf of the station.

Mr L. Murugan, the honourable Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, gave the inaugural address for the Sammelan, and Mr Anurak Singh Thakur, the honourable Central Minister of Information and Broadcasting, gave the keynote address.

Several community media experts offered advice on the sustainability of community radios. A few representatives of community radio shared their experiences. The media experts advised community radios to diversify their income sources by seeking funding from various sources such as sponsorships, advertisements, etc. They also emphasized the importance of building strong community support and engagement and cultivating a culture of sustainability by prioritizing long-term planning and financial responsibility. Additionally, the experts encouraged community radios to prioritize content

creation that reflects the needs and interests of their target audience and to utilize technology and digital platforms to reach a wider audience.

The two-day programme was beneficial to run community radio stations with more innovative content. Running community radio stations with more creative content can lead to several long-term benefits. Firstly, it can attract a larger audience and engagement, as the innovative content stands out from the regular programming. This can increase the popularity of the community radio station and expand its reach. Additionally, creative content can help educate and entertain the audience in unique ways, fostering a stronger connection between the radio station and the community it serves.


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