A Day Trip for the SARVAM Students

Date: 26-Dec-2021

Location: Pondicherry

An exposure visit was organized for the Access students on 26th December 2021. To give practical exposure and to teach the importance of nature this tour was organized for one day. All the students were asked to prepare themselves for the tour and were asked to take the necessary materials required for the tour. All the Access students were taken on a local tour to visit many places inside Pondicherry.

The main intention of this exposure visit was to familiarize the students with some of the antique archeological temples, buildings, and unique places in Puducherry. The trip also aimed to give practical exposure to the students on important places which they have read in their textbooks. The excursion also aimed to teach English practically so that students will learn to speak and converse in English when they meet new people.

Pondicherry is an important tourist spot that attracts many people from various parts of the world. There are many useful places to be seen by students to gain knowledge and also to understand the heritage and culture of Pondicherry.

The day trip covered places like the:

  • Aurobindo Ashram
  • Botanical Garden
  • Beach
  • Pondicherry Museum
  • Manakula Vinayagar Temple
  • Bharathi Park

When the students visited Museum they were surprised to see many archeologically-important things. They took notes on certain important aspects. Many ancient and unique things were kept in the museum and students came to know about them with the help of Access Teachers.

Their visit to the Botanical garden helped the students to learn about many precious trees and their botanical names which will help them in their studies. Students also went for a ride on the children’s train which amused them a lot.

It was a memorable experience for the students when they played on the beach and park with their friends. They also conversed with each other in English during this trip and it helped them to enhance their communication skills in a new ambiance.

Altogether the whole trip was very useful for the students as they enjoyed it very well. The trip was very useful for the students to understand Pondicherry in a better way. Most of the students noted important points as they happened to see many memorable locations which they have not seen in their life before.

Lunch and snacks were provided to the students and it was a real-time experience for them and it became an unforgettable memory for all the students.


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