“Art in Your Life “for Adolescent students during COVID-19

Date: 25-Jan-2021

Location: Online

Shanti Ashram is conducting a series of virtual training for the students during this lockdown period for developing their skills and the students of SARVAM are also taking part in the training and are reaping the benefits of the training.

These virtual training programs are helping all the students to keep themselves active and learn useful skills so that it will be useful for them to have a successful life. This training is also helping them to attend classes on a different mode when schools are all still closed because of the pandemic.

This training on Art and Craft was conducted by an expert trainer and around 50 students from SARVAM attended this virtual training on 25th January 2021.

The session was very interactive and students were taught how art can help them to be creative and also to keep their mind fresh. The various ways through which art can be created was also explained by the trainer in a practical manner. The materials with which art can be done was also introduced to all the students and some samples were shown practically to the students virtually.   Students were also asked to practice the same and enhance their skills.

In the next session, craft training was provided to the students. The trainer used simple paper and materials that are available at their home and did some wonderful craftwork. This activity motivated students to practice doing more crafts and they were guided by the trainer.

Also, the trainer gave small project works to the children during this pandemic time. The children are actively engaged in these projects since they don’t have the school.

This training was of great help to students who were a part of it. All the students learned new skills and they enhanced their


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