Capacity building exercise by TISS

Date: 09-Nov-2022

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

A team with Research Lead – Dr Soumya G. Rajan, Assistant Professor, TISS, Research Assistants – Mr Adhish Sood (PwC), Mr Himanshu Parashar (L&T Infotech), and Mr Girish R. (Student – MA HRM TISS) from TISS, Mumbai visited Sarvam villages from November 5th to 9th to understand the interventions with the women entrepreneurs and the journey of SARVAM over the years.

The key objective was to study the patterns and the model of change and transformation observed in the field. The team interviewed both successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs from the community to make sense of their engagement with the interventions of SARVAM.

The study essentially culminated in two deliverables – a journal paper on the transformation of the community and a case study on SARVAM as an organization.

Dr Soumya G. Rajan from the team was also involved in a training session with the village-level volunteers wherein a Book Club was formally announced to benefit these women’s capability building.

During the training, coordinators and volunteers learned how they should position themselves as the main tools for the development of society.

The trainer discussed with the participants his experiences in the field visits.

A mixed discussion was conducted by asking everyone to discuss and write down their ideas for their improvement and plans for the group and to receive feedback from each other, which was very beneficial to the beneficiaries.

Participants were able to think over the issues and explain how they are getting benefits or experiencing problems from this work. They were able to get inspiration on how to take it to the next level.


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