Community Health Awareness programme

Date: 11-Mar-2023

Location: Satyam Community Centre

SARVAM, in association with the Indian Overseas Bank, has launched a “Health Care – Rural Development” program in 12 villages in the Vanur taluk of Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu.  The initiative will run from February 2023 to January 2024.

A health awareness program was organized for around 200 women to increase their levels of health literacy at the Satyam community centre in Poothurai to promote healthy living and to facilitate prevention and early detection for a healthy environment, healthy living.

The block chairman, panchayat president, and several other officials from the village attended this programme.

Two experienced expert health nursing officers conducted the awareness program on health and well-being and chronic diseases.  The trainers also focused on raising awareness of women’s health problems and the importance of practising yoga and exercises every day to ward off illness and disability.

The trainer also discussed how sudden emotional stress can lead to serious cardiac problems and how depression and chronic diseases develop within the human body.  Exercises that can be practised daily were taught to the women.

The ultimate goal of the health awareness programme was:

  • Health promotion at the community and individual levels
  • Information and education on specific health issues
  • Awareness of the targeted health issues
  • Information on health sharing to combat diseases such as stress and mental disorders.

During the question-and-answer session during the training, many people raised questions, showing that participants were actively involved and it was a pleasure for the women to gain health awareness information during the training.


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