SARVAM Conducted General Health Camp

Date: 11-Mar-2023

Location: Satyam Community Centre

SARVAM, in association with the Indian Overseas Bank, has launched a “Health Care – Rural Development” program in 12 villages in the Vanur taluk of Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu.  The initiative will run from February 2023 to January 2024.

As a part of this programme, a general health camp for the community members was conducted by SARVAM at the Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai, to increase awareness of their fundamental problems.  Through various examples, the trainers provided information about the causes and effects of these disease conditions.  They encouraged the public to take the initiatives to improve their health as well as the health of others.

A team of doctors and nurses from A.G. Padmavathy Hospital visited the centre with all the necessary equipment.  Coordinators of SARVAM made the arrangements.  More than 300 people from Poothurai and surrounding villages participated in this one-day general camp.

Initially, BP and sugar tests were conducted for all.  Then, based on the diagnosis, the doctors prescribed the treatment options to the villagers.

The healthcare team gave away the medicines freely to those with comorbidities.  The villagers very much appreciated this camp as SARVAM made the hospital reach their doorsteps and help them with their longstanding health problems.  The smiles on each of their faces were proof of their happiness.  They wished that SARVAM would continue to do activities that would benefit everyone.

SARVAM and the villagers were grateful to the members of A.G. Padmavathy Hospital for their humane gesture.  There was active participation from the villagers, and mainly the elderly and vulnerable people gained the most out of this camp.


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