Community Radio-Pudiya Udhayam 91.2 COVID Awareness Programme

Date: 01-Nov-2020

Location: Health Department, Pondicherry

Health Department of Puducherry organized a meeting with officials of all the Community Radio Station that are functioning in Puducherry. The coordinator of Pudiya Udayam Community Radio Station attended the meeting.

The objective of this meeting is to make use of all the Community Radio Stations to create awareness to the rural public on prevention of Corona virus. The Health Department strongly believes that the Community Radio Stations can play a vital role in spreading awareness to the people and especially the rural people. Health Department officials requested that the COVID Awareness content provided by them be broadcasted in all the Community Radio stations. All the radio station officials immediately accepted the request as this will benefit the society at large.

There are 9 Primary Health Centers which comes under the preview of Pudhiya Udayam Community Radio Station. Doctors and Medical Officers of these Primary Health Centers visit the Pudhiya Udayam Community Radio Station to speak on the preventive measures, precautions, tips and various other aspects related to COVID-19. This was broadcasted in the Pudhiya Udayam Community Radio Station and it was very well received by the community.  The villagers conveyed their sincere thanks to the initiative taken by Health Department of Puducherry and also the Pudhiya Udayam Community Radio Station for creating awareness to the people at this much-needed hour.


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