Digi Dhan Camp

Location:HRC Community Hall, Ravuthankuppam

SARVAM organized a Digital Financial Literacy camp with the help of LTFS for women in HRC Community Hall, Ravuthankuppam village on January 21, 2020. About 450 enthusiastic women from various villages participated and learned various aspects related to DFL (Digital Financial Literacy) and the government schemes that are available for the people.  A Senior Manager, Financial Counsellor from Indian Bank elucidated the women about the various financial services that are given by the bank.  This camp was a part of the Digital Sakhi programme an initiative that is supported by LTFS, Mumbai and implemented by the SARVAM team in Tamil Nadu. The main objective of this camp is to create awareness amongst the women about various government schemes and to use debit cards, UPI etc, judiciously.

Mr. Loganathan explained about the significance of pension and insurance schemes to the women. He gave a clear understanding of the various schemes available and the enrollment process for each of them. A theoretical session on adding nominees and claiming the money back at the time of crisis was conducted. He further gave real-time examples of how people cheat and get cheated in today’s world and motivated all the women to save their money in banks and also to use bank lockers to keep their valuables.

Mr. Akilan highlighted the significance of using debit cards, UPI and various other methods. He explained how to withdraw money and also how to use the card for online and POS purchases. The light was thrown upon the various other usages of the cards and its usefulness. He also spoke about internet banking, USSD, UPI and various other means of cashless transactions.

Next Ms. Richa Pant, Head-CSR, LTFS, shared her thoughts on Digital Sakhis’ and she motivated all women not to lose interest and work hard until they reach their goals. She also asked interested women to enroll themselves as Digital Sakhis and Women Entrepreneurs in the coming days.

Digital Sakhis and Digital Champions shared their experiences in front of the women and this motivated all of them.

The camp was much beneficial to the women and they carried away the utmost confidence with them.


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