Exhibition cum sale at Ravuthankuppam

art Date:21-Jan-2020
Location:HRC Hall Ravuthankuppam, Tamil Nadu

An exhibition cum sale of the products that were produced by the women entrepreneurs was arranged in the HRC Hall, Ravuthankuppam on 21 January 2020.  More than 50 women entrepreneurs exhibited their products and it allowed them to sell and also to interact with new customers and fellow entrepreneurs. This exhibition helped them to understand the demand for their products, the target customers, and also the art of selling their products.

All the women entrepreneurs used either QR Code or digital methods for cash transactions.  They insisted all the customers buy their products only through digital modes of transactions and they did entertain only minimum cash transactions for the sales made.  More than 450 people from various villages surrounding Ravuthankuppan actively came for the exhibition saw the products and also many showed zeal to purchase the products.

With the help of LTFS, SARVAM has been gearing more than 500 women entrepreneurs in various villages and they have been provided with skill training, up skills training and also EDP training. This has helped them to excel in their trade.  Four different types of trades were done by women in villages and they are Petty Shop, Tailoring, Cattle Rearing, and Agriculture.  The products which were produced from all these trades were exhibited in the stalls and they were sold by the women. As an icing to the cake, all the products that were sold in the exhibition were organic and pure.

M.S. Richa, CSR, Head, LTFS, Mr. Loganathan and Mr. Agilan from Indian Bank and various other members from the villages witnessed the stalls and encouraged the sales. This helped the women to gain confidence and also it provided an opportunity to sell their products. ain confidence and also it provided an opportunity to sell their products.


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