Economic Independence and Sustainability Support

Date: 19-Mar-2024

Location: Satyam Community Centre

Around 45 women entrepreneurs participated in a workshop about economic independence. They received materials according to their trades to be self-sufficient.

Providing women with financial support and economic independence in their trade is crucial, particularly in rural areas. Providing women with financial backing and economic independence in their trade can have several positive impacts. It can empower women by increasing their control over financial resources and decision-making. Financial support can lead to improved household stability, reduced poverty, and economic growth at the community level. Additionally, when women have equal access to financial resources, they are more likely to invest in education, healthcare, and other businesses, further stimulating economic development.

SARVAM organized a workshop with these points in mind for three types of women entrepreneurs: beginner and advanced-level tailors and petty shop owners. The workshop for beginner-level tailors covered topics such as basic tailoring techniques, fashion trends, and marketing strategies. The advanced tailor workshop focused on enhancing skills, business expansion, and customer management. The petty shop owners workshop highlighted the importance of inventory management, financial management practices, and customer retention strategies.

The training emphasized that financially independent women lead to a more progressive society that is healthier, safer, and less biased. Economically independent women act as role models for their children and contribute to uprooting age-old gender biases.

SARVAM provided these trainees with ten primary and 15 advanced model sewing machines. They also offered stationery items and shelves for 20 petty shoppers for their empowerment.

The women entrepreneurs were pleased and thanked SARVAM for their continuous support.


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