Elderly women participating in state-level athletic competition


Location:Tiruvannamalai Stadium









Tamil Nadu Masters Athletic Association held a state-level athletic competition for over 2000 people, including 130 women aged 55 and older from Sarvam.

There was recently a State Masters Athletic Championship 2023 for 40 and older people from Tamil Nadu organized by the Tamil Nadu Masters Athletic Association.

This programme included a variety of sporting competitions for participants. More than 2000 adults aged between 40 and 100 from 30 districts of Tamil Nadu participated in this sporting event. The event was conducted in Tiruvannamalai for three days, from the 15th to the 17th of December.

Around 130 women from SARVAM villages, aged between 55 and 85, competed in the sporting competitions. Despite lacking sports training, they all avidly competed in various competitions.

They have won 22 first-place awards, 21 second-place awards, and 16 third-place awards. They have won 59 medals in total. A grandmother, who is 80 years old, took first place in the 5000M fast-walking competition.

They had a great time all three days, and everyone was amazed by their enthusiasm and participation.

Even though all were from poor backgrounds, they still encouraged each other happily and did not seem to mind if they won or lost. Coordinators also immensely helped and motivated the older women.

Despite being from different villages and different age groups, they mingled together. They spent these three days as one big family. This experience taught everyone a valuable lesson in the power of unity and the importance of respecting each other regardless of differences. It showed them unity is more substantial than division and that diversity should be celebrated.

Upon hearing the news, the village administrations were happy and proud of their women.

Aged women received the certificate and medal for the first time in sports at an old age and were extremely happy about it. They were proud of their accomplishments and were an inspiration to younger women. Many of them had to overcome obstacles such as sexism and discrimination to get to where they were. Their stories were an inspiration to others and a reminder that age is not a barrier to success.


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