A time management workshop was conducted by Sarvam for 25 adolescent girls at Satyam in Poothurai


Location:Satyam, Poothurai









A time management workshop was conducted by SARVAM for adolescent girls at Satyam Community Centre in Poothurai.

The workshop focussed on helping the girls to better understand the importance of time management skills in achieving their goals.

The girls were also encouraged to make a list of their daily tasks and prioritize them according to their importance. Finally, they were given tips on how to stay focussed and motivated. The girls were also taught the importance of setting realistic goals and taking small steps towards achieving them.

They were encouraged to practice effective time management and to stay organized. Finally, they were advised to take regular breaks to relax and recharge. They were reminded to stay focussed and to never give up on their goals. They were told that anything is possible if they stay focussed and motivated.

Topics included setting morning routines, prioritizing tasks, writing down the to-do list and tips that help them achieve them that make their day more productive, and planning their days.

As a part of the activity, students were divided into four teams and asked to build towers out of newspaper. Each team was allotted the same number of sheets and given time to build the tallest tower possible. The winning tower was the tallest and strongest in the right time, with the least amount of waste.

A dumb charade was conducted by the trainer to help the students to learn the importance of communication.

There was a strong understanding of time management among the students when they left.   They were able to prioritize tasks, plan their day, and manage their workload efficiently. They were also able to focus on their most important tasks and avoid distractions. Towards the end, the students gained confidence in themselves and their ability on managing their time.


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