Empowering Women through Leadership and Motivation

Date: 24-Jun-2024

Location: Satyam Community Centre

On 24 June 2024, SARVAM conducted a leadership and motivational training for around 100 women at the Satyam Community Centre in Puducherry. This initiative aimed to empower women through indoor activities, fostering positive change in their communities.

Leadership Training:

SARVAM, in collaboration with CPCL, organised a workshop on transformational leadership. The session began with an explanation of leadership and the importance of women’s empowerment. Participants learned about the benefits of strong leadership skills in both household and community settings. They were encouraged to assess their own leadership potential. Through indoor games, the trainer highlighted the significance of transformational leadership, which helps women challenge societal norms, break barriers, and inspire others. This style of leadership promotes authenticity, strong relationships, and inclusive environments. The session concluded with a call to adopt transformational leadership, leaving the women confident and ready to become change agents.

Motivational Training:

Women from various communities, including those hesitant to leave their homes or without family approval, participated in motivational training sessions. Initially reluctant, they became actively involved through indoor games. This engagement fostered a sense of empowerment and confidence, encouraging them to embrace new challenges and grow personally and professionally. The trainer used personal anecdotes and group discussions to inspire participants, emphasizing their strengths and the power of motivation to overcome obstacles. The women expressed their happiness and committed to approaching future activities with confidence.

The participants found both the leadership and motivational trainings extremely helpful and expressed gratitude to SARVAM. They requested more such trainings in the future, recognising their value in fostering personal and community growth.


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