Pot Painting Workshop Empowers Women

Date: 22-Jun-2024

Location: Satyam Community Centre

On 22 June 2024, Sarvam organised a pot painting workshop at the Satyam Community Centre, Puducherry, as part of its skill-building programme. The workshop aimed to promote creativity, self-expression, and skill development among 40 women from eight villages, enabling them to generate income through their newfound skills.

The trainer introduced the women to the art of painting on terracotta and pot materials, explaining how mastering this craft could allow them to create unique and personalised designs. These painted pots could be sold as decorative items or used for functional purposes like planters or storage containers. The trainer emphasised the potential for income generation through selling these items, offering custom pot painting services, and conducting workshops to teach others.

She highlighted the opportunities available in online marketplaces like Etsy and Instagram, where the women could showcase their skills and attract a broader customer base. Additionally, collaborating with local businesses or interior designers for custom designs for events, home decor, or gifts could further expand their income potential.

Throughout the workshop, the participants engaged in hands-on activities, allowing them to develop their artistic skills and explore their creativity. The supportive environment and the trainer’s approach encouraged the women to think creatively and produce original designs. The session proved effective as the women demonstrated their inventiveness and dexterity, creating artworks that reflected their artistic sensibilities.

The women expressed their intention to leverage their new skills to increase revenue. Their motivation and dedication to the craft could directly impact revenue growth by attracting customers with high-quality artwork and creating a positive atmosphere that encourages repeat business and referrals.

In conclusion, the pot painting workshop successfully equipped the women with valuable skills and the confidence to explore various avenues for income generation, contributing to their economic empowerment and creative development.


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