End of Year Events of SARVAM

Location:Satyam community centre, Villupuram

Collage Competition

A collage competition was conducted for the students in the Satyam campus on Dec 26, 2019.  The mission of this competition was to create awareness amongst students to eradicate poverty. The students were briefed about this significance of this collage competition and around 50 students enthusiastically participated in this competition. This was a half a day event and the students came out with creative ideas.  All students drew pictures pasted pictures from magazines and prepared a collage out of it. All the pictures highlighted the need to eradicate poverty and the manner to avoid poverty amongst students and village people.

This competition visually represented how poverty can be eradicated.  Some of the villagers who were uneducated also understood the concept clearly through these visual representations.

This activity instilled concentration amongst students and it also enhanced their creativity. The best collage were selected based on creativity, alignment to theme and presentation and three prizes were awarded to students as an acknowledgment of their work.

Robotics Demo Class

A robotics demo class was conducted for the students in the Satyam campus on Dec 27, 2019.  SARVAM organized Robotics classes for the village students to help them get information and knowledge on robotics. Though students are interested to learn robotics, the course is much expensive and students in the village cannot afford it. Considering this fact, Sarvam with the help of some of the Engineering Graduates in Pondicherry, helped the students in village to learn the basics on Robotics. Basic and useful projects were explained in detail to the students in a practical manner. All the students listened to the concepts with utmost interest and started to prepare simple projects with the help of the trainers. As this was a demo class for the students, only simple topics were explained to them.  The interest showed by the students made the trainers assure that in the coming days more useful and vital topics will be taught to the students.


SARVAM organized a motivational class for the college students who are pursuing their graduation in various colleges on Dec 28, 25019.

The need was felt to lessen the burden of college girls and help them manage their stress.  These students are mainly stressed out because of their studies and their inability to manage the opposite gender.  Most of the students do not know the technique of handling pressure and emotions and this causes lots of problems in their personal and academic life. To overcome this issue, Sarvam with the help of some of the volunteers helped the college going girls to overcome their emotions properly.

The session aimed in explaining the usage of correct emotion at the correct situation. The circumstances in which the students need to overcome their emotions were explained to them and this created a lot of confidence amongst all the students. Some of the students raised some doubts to the trainers and that was clarified which helped the girls to get utmost clarity. At the end of the session, the girls said that this session has boosted their confidence level to an enormous extent and they thanked the organizers for organizing such an extraordinary event at the need of the hour.

Exposure Visits for Women Entrepreneurs

Sarvam organized exposure visits for the women entrepreneurs in various batches based on the activities they have selected. A total of 415 women entrepreneurs were trained in 10 batches.  These women entrepreneurs are already indulged in cattle rearing activity, farming, tailoring and are owners of some petty shops.  This visit helped them gain more exposure on how to improve their productivity and profitability.

For the cattle rearing activity, women were selected in 3 batches each comprising of 40 members. These women entrepreneurs were taken to Marakkanam where 100 cows are taken care by a farm owner. All the women were explained how the cows should be taken care and how they can yield more profits. Along with the women one of the veterinary doctor accompanied and he explained the nuances of cattle rearing. The ways to get more yield from the cow was explained by the doctor to these women entrepreneurs. This visit was much useful for the women to enhance their ideas of cattle rearing.

For the agricultural activity, the women entrepreneurs were taken to a farm land in Thiruvanamalai. One of the agricultural trainer also accompanied the women entrepreneurs and explained how various new types of crops can be cultivated. The natural manures that can be used for yielding more profit was explained by the trainer and also by the farm owner. During the visit, the trainer also explained how to save water and use organic manure and crops for better yielding.

For the petty shop, women entrepreneurs were taken to a shop in Villianur. The owner of this shop started his business with a small petty shop but now he has more shops and shopping complex. This motivated the women and they learnt from him the nuances of the petty shop business. A trainer also accompanied the women and he also explained where and how to purchase commodities for the shops. Some of the women entrepreneurs asked their doubts from the shop owner and also to the trainer and got their doubts clarified. They gained more confidence after getting inputs from them.

As for the tailoring activity, women entrepreneurs were taken to a tailoring unit in Pondicherry. This visit helped the women to learn how to stitch new types of clothes based on the need of the customer. They also learnt the art of marketing from the trainer who accompanied them and also from the owner of the tailoring unit. The visit also helped the women to stitch new types of bags and also various trendy and traditional dresses.

All these visits helped the women entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge and skill regarding the activity in which they are involved in.


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