Eye Camp at Satyam Campus

Date :  07-Sep-2019
Location :  Satyam Campus, Poothurai Village, Villupuram

The Rural Development wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, Sarvam and Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry, jointly organised an eye camp in the Satyam Campus of the Poothurai village on 7th September 2019.  There were active participation from the villagers and particularly the aged and the vulnerable people extracted the most out of this camp.

A team of doctors and nurses from Aravind Eye Hospital came to Satyam campus with all the necessary equipment and the arrangements were done by Sarvam’s Staff & Coordinators. More than 300 people from Poothurai and few surrounding villages participated in this one day long eye camp. Initially, a screening test was done for all the patients and then based on the diagnosis, proper treatment options were prescribed to the patients.

Medicines and eye drops were given freely to the patients who had eye infection. In addition to that, eyeglasses were given to patients who had poor vision. Aravind Eye Hospital gave the eyeglasses at a discounted rate and Sarvam contributed Rs. 100/- for each eyeglass. As many as 100 who were unable to buy glasses made use of this opportunity and were happy to regain their vision with the help of Aravind Eye Hospital and Sarvam.

The doctors of Aravind Eye Hospital selected 35 patients out of the 300 villagers for Cataract surgery. These people had to undergo surgery long back, but because of their financial conditions they had postponed their operations. This eye camp helped these 35 people to undergo the surgery free of cost. All these patients were taken to Aravind Eye Hospital on the same day and within the next two days; surgery was done on these patients.  These patients are reported to be doing fine with their cataract surgeries.

This camp was very much appreciated by the villagers as Sarvam made Aravind Eye Hospital come to their doorsteps to help them out with their longstanding eye problems.  The smiles on each of their faces were proofs for the happiness.  They wished that Sarvam continue to do such activities that will be beneficial for one and large.

The team of Aravind Eye Hospital were thanked by Sarvam and the villagers for their humane gesture.


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