Financial assistance to young widows

Date: 08-Mar-2021

Location: Satyam Centre, Poothurai

SARVAM organizes more programs for the women and especially vulnerable women are given more importance throughout the year. Recently, during the weeklong Women’s Day program, 2 young widows were given financial assistance for enhancing their livelihood. Both these women have young children and it is pathetic to know that both their husbands passed away due to ill health.  On one side, the family was in great shock and on the other they were clueless about their children’ lives after the death of the breadwinners.

SARVAM planned to help and provided each of them with Rs. 5000/- and they were motivated to make use of it to enhance their livelihood.

One of the women wished to be involved in cattle rearing activity and the other one planned to do laundry works left by her husband with the help of the money which was given to them. All the other women who participated in the programme wished these 2 young widows success and also motivated them.


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