Earth Day Program

Start Date: 22-Apr-2021

Location: Online

On account of Earth Day, the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General Chennai in association with Care Earth Trust hosted a virtual environmental awareness session for Access students between 13-15 years on 22nd April 2021. The session focused on water conservation, plastic pollution, recycling and upcycling, and conservation of protected species by engaging the Water Matters Museum-In-A-Box (MIAB) resources.

About 90 Access students from SARVAM participated in this virtual meet and learnt a lot about various aspects related to saving our Mother Earth. Interactive sessions and presentations were done by students which helped them to gain confidence and exposure.

The session started with a brief introduction by Mr. Moulik D. Berkana, Cultural Affairs Officer, U.S. Consulate General, Chennai. He spoke on the significance of saving our Earth and also encouraged students to actively participate in the noble action of conserving water and various other resources that are gifted by our mother Earth.

The Resource person then introduced the Museum-In-A-Box content and engaged students in simple home-based experiments on Museum-In-A-Box themes. Small breakout rooms were created and students were divided randomly and were put in smaller groups to discuss on various topics. Each group was given a topic and with a help of a representative, discussions were done for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes of discussions, one leader from each group was asked to present their views and it was much useful to instill confidence and exposure amongst students.

This activity also served as an enhancement activity for this quarter in the Access program and students enjoyed the activity. Access Teachers were asked to continue in the Access class about the simple experiments/ideas on sustainable development, conservation, pollution control, recycling/upcycling carried out by student groups during the virtual session.


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