Goal Setting Programme for Adolescent Girls


Location:25 Project villages









SARVAM conducted a goal-setting initiative across 15 villages, benefiting over 200 adolescent girls. The program focused on enhancing academic performance, boosting self-efficacy, and minimizing risky behaviours. Its comprehensive approach encompassed goal setting, mentorship, and skill-building activities.

In rural areas, girls often face limited opportunities compared to boys. Factors such as poverty, lack of role models, and family challenges, such as having an alcoholic father, contribute to some girls abandoning their education. Recognizing these challenges, SARVAM specifically targeted underprivileged teenage girls from project villages.

SARVAM consistently implements various programmes to support these girls, with the latest emphasis on goal-setting. This initiative is part of a series of soft skills programmes designed to empower girls by enhancing their communication and leadership skills. It strives to inspire girls to pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields, and past initiatives have successfully contributed to an increased representation of women in STEM fields.

The programme employed interactive methods such as games, role-playing, and group discussions to facilitate understanding. These activities aimed to impart knowledge and instil a sense of value and purpose in the girls’ lives.

The outcomes of the programme were encouraging. Participating girls expressed commitment to improved academic performance, heightened self-efficacy, and reduced engagement in risky behaviours. Overall, the programme proved successful in assisting the girls in realizing and achieving their goals.


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