Handwork training Programme for the women leaders

Date: 17-Aug-2021

Location: Satyam Centre, Poothurai

SARVAM provides skill training for women entrepreneurs which helps to increase their income and also get involved in a business that provides them ample opportunity to lead a financially successful life. As a part of this endeavour, SARVAM organized another training on handwork that focused on making decorations in dress and various other materials.

Practical training for blouse designing was given to all women.  They were not just trained for blouse designing, but also for other dresses also. As women easily catch up with new models and designs, this training helped them to learn new methods that can be used in stitching.

The training also helped women to learn the marketing of their products and to connect with shops to sell their materials. Women who have already gained success in this field were asked to share their experiences and this helped the women to gain real-time experiences.

The one-day training was much useful as women were able to learn new methods in stitching dresses and they also received marketing tips.


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