Transformational Leadership Workshop

Date: 07-Sep-2021

Location: Online

SARVAM in association with the Shanthi Ashram organized a virtual training on the topic of transformational leadership to adolescent students was conducted on September 7, 2021, through Zoom virtual meet. More than 50 students from various project villages of SARVAM participated in this online session and made use of this opportunity to learn useful aspects related to lifestyle and leadership skills.

The session started with an explanation of leadership to the children. The need for acquiring leadership quality amongst the adolescent boys and girls was explained in detail by Dr. A, Priyadarshini, Proprietor, Pranav Traders. Various benefits of having good leadership skills right from a young age were explained and students were asked to examine themselves whether they have leadership qualities.

Most adolescent children do not have the confidence to face the world and even be normal with their age children. When students were asked to come forward and do some things, they hesitate and do not participate in any of the activities. This is mainly because of the lack of leadership qualities and the trainer with practical and real-time examples spoke on this to the students.

The trainer also spoke on transformational leadership which is important to take the children to the next level. Many queries that were raised by students were also answered by the trainer and this helped them to get more clarity.

This session was very useful and students who understood the significance of developing their leadership qualities after attending this session.


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