Hygiene Kit Distribution to Women Entrepreneurs and Digital Sakhis

Date: 08-Jul-2021

Location: Satyam Campus, Poothurai

COVID–19 has hit the villages and many people have suffered a lot both physically and economically. During the first phase of the COVID–19, SARVAM provided food kits to the people in villages and this helped them to run their families without any food crisis.

Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons which include personal, social, health, psychological, or simply as a way of life. Also, it should be a habit formation for everyone.

During the second phase of the COVID–19, SARVAM aimed in creating health awareness, particularly on hygiene. As the first step, SARVAM along with LTFS, Mumbai gave away hygiene kits to 520 women entrepreneurs and 100 digital sakhis. This kit contained masks, sanitizers, soaps, tablets, bouffant caps, and a face shield.

The important part of this hygiene kit is the 3 layered face mask.  These masks were stitched by the women entrepreneurs themselves who are having their tailoring units.  By this, these women entrepreneurs were able to get some additional income also.

These 620 women will be carrying the message of hygiene awareness wherever they go as they will be using the hygiene kits.  The main purpose of providing these hygienic kits to these women is first to be sure of their health security and secondly, they will also be spreading the message of hygiene to others in the villages.

SARVAM and LTFS, Mumbai hope to create a society where everybody can be protected from the infection, and this is the first step towards it.


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