Intensive Training Program on US Culture and behavioural skills

Date: 07-Jan-2023 — Date:08-Jan-2023

Location: Gandhi Gram Rural Institute, Dindigul

training sessions were conducted for Access students at Gandhi Gram Rural Institute, Dindigul on the theme of US cultures and Behavioural skills for two days.

The 2-day training programme were aimed at enhancing the communicative abilities of the students. LIFE, with years of experience training various groups of people, has devised activity-based syllabuses throughout ACCESS to ensure active participation by all participants.

In order to cater to the needs of Access students of SARVAM – Sri Aurobindo Society, most activities focused on Speaking Skills & Behavioural Skills with the theme of US Culture and Values, and the activities were meticulously designed to develop the speaking and soft skills of every student through active involvement.

There were some activities devised to highlight the difficulties of communication in general and to teach them how to overcome these barriers, while others motivated and encouraged the candidates to become extroverts.

In addition, the training programme was ensured that all materials (for every activity) were provided to help the candidates communicate effectively in English. Additionally, the candidates were tested on their creativity and critical thinking, as well as offered special activities to help them understand different cultures of the United States and to hone their behavioural aspects.

A variety of activities were conducted to discuss the following topics throughout the training. Two-Day Training Program was conducted on 7th and 8th January, 2023, with the theme of American Culture and Behavioural Skills.  The entire training was dedicated to build the personality of each candidate and to provide awareness about the popular elements in American culture. The learners were provided inputs about the influence of vernacular language in speaking and the influence of their local habits on their behaviour. The training session also concentrated on the functional aspects of the English language and promoted life skills among the candidates.  The training was carried out in order to make the learners think creatively and to equip them with necessary 21st century skills like teambuilding, communication skills, critical thinking, and problem solving.  It was ensured that the activities were not monotonous and included individual, pair and group activities. Consistent motivation and encouragement ensured the active participation of all the candidates.

The candidates were divided into 4 groups for the entire training session and were handled by Dr. S. Sreejana, Dr. S. G. Mohanraj, Dr. T. Poongodi and Dr. B. Arokia Lawrence Vijay.  The prime objective of the training was to introduce the American culture and to make the candidates to focus on the functional use of English language.  Grooming their personality served to be a significant component in the training.

  • Popular & Traditional Festivals of the United States
  • Education & Popular Educational Institutions
  • Popular & Unfamiliar American Sports
  • Hobbies, Interests & Lifestyle – America
  • Food & Clothing – America
  • British English vs American English
  • Tourist Destinations & Architecture in USA
  • Places of Historical Significance in USA

By the end of the training program, it was observed that the candidates exhibited tremendous involvement and commitment in exhibiting their creativity and skills.  The candidates were equipped with basic knowledge about various sports played in US, their food habits and the most popular festivals.  The students were able to enjoy their experience of knowing new facts about the country and were able to relate the same with the conditions prevailing in India.  The training program also introduced various tourist destinations and National Monuments of US to the candidates.  It was noted that the training programme was able to cater to the need of every individual candidate and they found all the activities very interesting and their scrupulous involvement in every activity warrant tons of appreciation.

It was very beneficial for the students to attend the intensive outstation training for two days.


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