Exposure visit to Tiruchirappalli

Date: 07-Jan-2023

Location: Trichy


to provide a learning experience for the Access Students on various spiritual, historical, geographical, and entomological characteristics of their environment.


Around 100 Access students visited the Brahma Temple in Tirupattur, near Trichy, on Saturday, January 7, 2023. After seeking blessings from the deity, students proceeded to explore the temple grounds, which also included a beautiful garden. They appreciated the architecture and stopped to pray at the different shrines surrounding the temple.


Next, they paid a visit to the Grand Anicut, located in the Tanjore district. Students learned that the dam is one of the world’s oldest irrigation systems that is still in use today. They crossed the dam and observed how it manages to irrigate the Delta Regions by diverting water flow from the river Cauvery.

They also visited the Grand Anicut Memorial, situated right next to the dam. It was set up to honour the King Karikalan of the Chola Dynasty, who constructed the Grand Anicut in 150 CE. The memorial had historically accurate depictions of the significant events that led up to the dam being built, which also included depictions of the actual construction of the dam in 150 CE. Students really enjoyed learning about the Grand Anicut and experiencing its impressive architecture.


Finally, they arrived at the Tropical Butterfly Conservatory in Srirangam, Trichy. The conservatory is a huge habitat dedicated to help butterflies breed safely and it also protects the butterflies from the threat of extinction. Students took a tour of the park and observed the strategically placed nectar flowers, host plants, and controlled lighting for the purpose of attracting butterflies.

Students then went to the Amphitheatre, where they watched informational videos on the life cycle of butterflies, their role in balancing the ecosystem, and the consequences of the real threat of their extinction. They saw live butterfly larvae and pupae, as well as the beautiful sight of a newly metamorphosed adult butterfly getting released into the world.

Students found the exposure visit quite educational, interesting and memorable. They raised questions and reflected on what they learned throughout the day.


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