Intensive training session for the English Access Microscholarship Program students

Date: 10-Apr-2022

Location: Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

SARVAM conducted a 4-day intensive training for 120 English Access Microscholarship Program students, from April 10-17, 2022. This session was conducted in two parts, in association with an external organization. For the first two days, the Access students were trained on enhancing their speaking skills by a team of skilled trainers from LIFE Academy, Coimbatore. The second part of the training involved students visiting Auroville and the Pondicherry Botanical Garden to get training in a natural setting on language skills and personality development.

Activities in the Training

Various activities are used to train students, and since the activities differ from those in the classroom, it is easy to learn as well as enjoyable.

Introducing People is an activity where prompts on various great personalities were provided for the candidates to present. The candidates were guided by initiating and providing necessary information on individuals. By practicing this, an individual develops confidence in bringing forth self with dignity and being cautious at the same time.

Interrogation – In most circumstances, an individual finds it difficult to profusely respond with required data. This session focused on grooming the ability to respond with confidence and certainty.

Pick the Peek – A team of 5 students was given product preparation materials and they were asked to create a product. They were motivated to talk fluently and imaginatively through this activity.

Sketch to Score is a group activity that helped each other to develop receptive skills and also helps to develop presentation skills – what and what not to be said.

Prediction & Association is an activity that is aimed at practicing skill set for better detailing and building the ability to connect different elements to critically appreciate the given text or a picture.

Aural Audit & Favourite Fiesta is an individual activity where the students were trained on pronunciation practice, and common errors in the English language, and they were asked to share their likes and dislikes.

Yak Cuisine – The learning of vocabulary in a fun way has been designed especially for rural candidates of all ages. The session was focusing on building the candidates’ strength towards vocabulary through cuisines of course through varied practices on the whole.

Career Guidance- was bringing forth the students to be exposed to the wide arena of opportunities in private and government sectors. The ability to build through required skill sets and qualifications was enlightened through this session.

On days 3 and 4, the students visited Auroville and the Botanical garden where learning happened in the natural environment. This helped students to recapture what they learned during the activities.

The training was also invaluable and provided the students with wider exposure to many new aspects of learning English. All the students expressed their gratitude and happiness for the different kinds of fun activities conducted during the four days.


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