Medical camp for rural women

Date: 22-Jul-2023

Location: Satyam Community Centre

A medical camp was organised for women at the Satyam Community Centre in association with the Indian Confederation of Medical Laboratory Science & Rotaract Club of Mother Theresa Postgraduate Research Institute of Health Sciences.  The women underwent specific tests like HB, BP, and sugar during the medical camp.

Rural women pay little attention to their health.  Hence, a medical camp was organised to address this issue.  The medical camp provided free health check-ups and proper medical advice to women.  It was well-received by the rural community, as many women had never undergone medical tests.  The camp also educated the women about the importance of taking care of their health and having periodic medical checkups.

A team of doctors and nurses conducted the tests.  They shared the results with the women.  Then, the doctors gave advice and suggestions to rural women on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.  The camp also provided information on accessing healthcare services in the local area.

The medical camp was a success, with many women taking up the opportunity to get their health checked.  It was a positive step towards improving health awareness and access to healthcare in rural areas.  The local community was also grateful for the initiative and the service provided.

SARVAM plans to continue their efforts to provide better healthcare access to rural women and also looking to expand the camp’s reach to other rural areas.  SARVAM hopes to replicate the same success in different areas and continue providing healthcare access to rural women.


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