Motivation & Refreshment visit for Vulnerable/Marginalized People


Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members says, Mahatma Gandhi.

Very true!!, In today’s world vulnerable and aged people are not given their due importance. SARVAM found that this situation prevails even in the villages, where each and every household has a minimum of one aged or vulnerable in their families.

The neglect or rejection of the fellow family members makes these people feel very meek and shy to involve themselves in any activities that are taking place in the village. The confidence level of these people has because very meager because they feel they have become useless or unwanted by their families.

SARVAM wanted to have them also in their annual day celebrations. Hence on account of their 15th annual day celebrations, SARVAM organized games events for the aged women. Also, a trainer from Puducherry motivated the women by singing village folk songs, traditional dance, kummi and speech on various topics of their interest.

These women do not get any help from anyone and they do not have anybody to support them. They lead their life in a pathetic situation and also they have come to a stage where they wanted to end their life. These women do not involve in any activities and many people do not give importance to them. SARVAM wanted to honor them by making them participate in many sports events and also by making all of them interact with others.

More than 100 aged and vulnerable women participated in this event. Competition and skill games were conducted according to their age and health. Many competitions were conducted and freedom was given to them to select the game in which they wanted to participate. All the participants were encouraged by other spectators who were witnessing the competition. Snacks and energy drinks were provided in between the competitions which helped the women to participate with energy.

The Vulnerable and Marginalized women felt very happy and thanked SARVAM for organizing such a wonderful event. This event was very nostalgic and it helped to boost the confidence of the Vulnerable and Marginalized women.

Refreshment Visit

As part of its annual day celebrations programme, SARVAM organised a refreshment visit. Around 50 widows from various villages were taken for this visit by SARVAM. There are many young widows. These women lead their life with great troubles and they have to work hard to run their family. Mostly they will be in a position to take care of their family so they had to work hard the whole day to earn money. They do not go out of the village for any reason except for job purposes. They were not given the opportunity to participate in activities and they are not invited for any functions in their villages.

SARVAM decided to take them to an exposure visit and provide them exposure and new experience. Around 50 women were taken to Thennangur Temple which is near Kanchipuram. This helped these women to come out of their village and enjoy themselves with their friends.

All these women enjoyed this trip by forgetting all their worries and also by leaving out all their stresses. They requested SARVAM to take them to long exposure visits so that they will be able to see new places and also to provide them peace by taking them out.

“Smile is the only curve that can make many things straight,” isn’t that true.


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