SARVAM’s Annual Day Celebration


Location:Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai

SARVAM accomplished 15 years of societal developmental works and hence a simple celebration was organized at the Satyam Community Centre, Poothurai village. SARVAM began its 16th successful journey with full zeal and enthusiasm.  Many games and sports events were conducted for the women and children on 2nd February 2020.

More than 100 women from various villages and students from Poothurai village participated in this annual day celebrations. Events such as drama, singing, dancing, rangoli, drawing many other events were conducted for all those gathered. This served as a platform for entertainment as well as exhibiting their skills to everyone. This event was witnessed by more than 500 women from various villages and they had a nice time enjoying games that were played by the ladies and children.

SARVAM thanked all the stakeholders for helping and guiding in all the endeavors. Special thanks were given to the people of each village without their support nothing would have been possible. SARVAM also thanked all the staff members and other people who were behind the success of all the programmes.  They further requested all for their continued support for many such successes to come.

The programme went on for a whole day and it was like a family gathering. Each and every participant enjoyed the events and shared their memories with others. They also requested SARVAM to organize many such events periodically.  The gathering dispersed with joyous smiles on their faces.


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