Observing Financial Literacy Week

Date: 14-Feb-2022

Location: Satyam Community Centre

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been conducting Financial Literacy Week (FLW) every year since 2016 to publicize financial education messages on various themes among members of the public across the country. The theme selected for the current year is “Go Digital, Go Secure” which was observed for one week from 14th to 18th February 2022.

The main objective of observing financial literacy week is to create awareness about the use of digital transactions, Security of digital transactions and various other benefits of digital financial literacy.

SARVAM, in association with LTFS, observed Financial Literacy week by conducting various activities and programs with the 100 Digital Sakhis and general public.

The detailed explanations of the programmes conducted every day are as follows.

Day 1 – Pledge on Financial Digital Literacy by DS & General Public

All the 100 Digital Sakhis took pledge that they will be involved only in Digital Transactions and help people in using the various modes of digital transactions. In addition to that the 100 Digital Sakhis went to their villages and took the pledge with the general public and school students. Each digital Sakhis selected 10 people and helped them to take the pledge. This enabled 1,000 general public to take the pledge and they all were motivated to involve in digital financial transactions.

Day 2 – Various Training on Financial Inclusion

  1. Training on “Financial Inclusion and Sustainability” was organized for the 100 Digital Sakhis and this helped them to refresh what they have been trained already and also to learn new concepts for their sustainability which they have not known so far.
  2. An online training on “Digital transaction and Entrepreneurship” for the 30 Digital Sakhis who were selected for setting up the E- Seva Kendra was organized and new skills were taught to them virtually by expert trainers.
  3. Training was given on “Entrepreneurship and Digital Transaction”” for the 100 Women Entrepreneurs and they were motivated to do all the transactions digitally and maintain the ledgers properly.
  4.  Training was given on “Importance of Savings and Budget preparation” for the 100 community members and they were also motivated to do all the transactions digitally.

Day 3 – Pledge on Financial Literacy by Students

Each digital Sakhi chose 10 students in their villages and motivated them to take pledge on the learning of digital modes of transactions. Around 1,000 students took the pledge and all the 100 digital Sakhis created awareness amongst the students and helped them in using various digital modes of transactions.

Day 4 – Quiz on Digital Financial Literacy

A quiz competition was conducted for 1,000 students in various villages and the questions were based on Digital Financial Literacy. All the students actively participated in this quiz competition and as a motivating factor, simple gifts were provided to them. This activity helped the students to understand more about digital financial literacy.

Day 5 – Rally

A rally was conducted in the village in which all the digital Sakhis participated. They all had placards with slogans written on them about the benefits of digital financial literacy. This activity attracted the attention of the general public as they all witnessed many awareness slogans on Digital modes of transactions.

Around 50 digital Sakhis who had two wheelers went on a bike rally and this also helped the people to get awareness.


The digital financial week ended with lots of positive responses from the villages.


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