Partners Workshop to Establish Community of Practice


Location:SARVAM, Puducherry

A  Partners Workshop to establish a community of practice with a focus on prevention of violence and nurturing values in early childhood was organised by the Shanti Ashram of Coimbatore.

Shanthi Ashram is one of the partnering institutions of SARVAM- Sri Aurobindo Society. SARVAM is conducting many programmes for students in association with Shanthi Ashram and mostly their programmes include value education, ethics education and various other useful aspects for the student community.

Recently, a workshop was organized by Shathi Ashram for all the partnering institutions and one representative was invited from each organization. This workshop aimed to conduct programmes on Prevention of Violence and Nurturing Values amongst Children. Mr. Manimaran, coordinator from SARVAM- Sri Aurobindo Society took part in this workshop and he said he learned a lot of useful aspects that are very much required for students and staff with respect to the prevention of violence in young children.

During the meeting, ideas of each participant were collected and an action plan was made.

These decisions will be carried out in the coming months. The trainers also created a mind mapping sort of a thing through which they found out what all other institutions are doing at present to prevent violence amongst children. This was much useful for all the participants and they were all able to get wider experience and ideas to follow in their institutions.

The main focus was on children below 6 years. The trainers gave the participants lessons on how to judiciously handle children below 6 years.  They also gave good practical ideas to grab the attention of children below 6 years and make them attentive listeners.  All these tips and tricks helped the participants a lot and the questions raised during the discussion were also clarified by the trainers.

Most importantly, a book was published during the workshop. This book highlights the values that are important for students. This book is internationally accredited and it has already been circulated to many people the world around.   In this book, a half-page has been dedicated to SARVAM mentioning us as their partner NGO.

The role SARVAM plays for the betterment of the students of Poothurai village has been briefly narrated in this issue, which is indeed a great honour.

This is a great acknowledgment for SARVAM and its work. Shanthi Ashram is working with many partnering institutions.  Among them, only 7 outstanding institutions have been selected and their works have been mentioned in this book.  SARVAM is one among the 7 and this is a honour for SARVAM, Sri Aurobindo Society and their philanthropic work.


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