SARVAM celebrates International Women’s Day


Location: Satyam Centre, Poothurai, Villupuram

Women are always beautiful and powerful. Though everybody sees their outward beauty many fail to see their inside power.

Each successful woman is by herself an inspiration to her folk.  All days are for women, women are treated special on Women’s Day which falls on 8 March every year.

Each year SARVAM makes sure, it celebrates International Women’s Day with great pomp and enthusiasm.  This year also the 100 digital sakhis gathered at the Satyam Centre to celebrate this grand event.  The main objective of this programme was to make the women understand their values in their life. A woman motivational speaker was invited to the program and she gave a talk on the values of women in society. Some videos and role-play activities helped them to understand easily.

The 100 digital sakhis were then divided into smaller groups and explained the importance of team building. A few outdoor games and activities were conducted which made them happy. Through these outdoor activities, they understood the importance of being a team member. The importance of the role of a woman in the family as well as in society was discussed by the digital sakhis. They understood that one woman plays many roles as a caring mother, loving wife, darling daughter, selfless sister, trustworthy friend, and whatnot.  The women gathered truly understood their importance and also realized that they play a major role in upbringing their family and also the society they live in.

A small introduction to yoga was given to the digital Sakhis. Minimum yoga practices for their daily life was also taught by the trainer.

Altogether, this program on Women’s Day was very helpful to the women to express their opinions and to have fun while forgetting about their families, their troubles, and all their household chores behind for a while.


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